Arranged rums

Rums arranged with rum Charrette blanc at 49 °, the top.

The little rums arranged, an iconic reunion specialty . So, here are some recipes that come from the island of Reunion and that our friend Edith is bringing up to date.

Rum arranged, Reunion specialty.

The base of arranged rum is a white farm rum most often but also with an old (colored) rum.

We can make rums arranged a little with all the exotic fruits whole or cut into pieces of Bourbon Island, but also with vanilla and other things like spices.

We leave you free to prepare your rum according to your imagination, practically anything is possible for you to see.

That's what we'll call arranged rums .

Rum in the kitchen.

Arranged rum can be eaten as an aperitif or as a digestive, iced or not, it can also be used to prepare your desserts , or your gastronomic tastings