rhum arrangé citron vert

Lemon rum rum citrus acid, greenish, vigorous

rhum arrangé citron vert

Recipe of rum arranged with lime.

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Still a particular arranged rum by its taste. To discover absolutely.
Type de plat : Arranged rum
Cuisine : Reunionese recipes
Mot de receherche : rum with lime, rum arranged lime
difficulte de la recette easy
Temps de préparation 20 min
Temps total 20 min
Service : 12 little glasses
Calories : 292kcal
Auteure : Édith
Coût de la recette : 15€

Equipement en cuisine :

  • knife
  • hermetic jar
  • soup spoon

Liste des produits utilisés pour cette recette :

Ingredients :

  • 1 liter of white Charrette rum
  • 4 limes
  • 2 vanilla pods Boubon
  • 50 gr of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons cane syrup
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Instructions – préparation de la recette :

Lime rum with fingertips.

  • The preparation of this succulent recipe of lime rum is done in 3 steps that you must strictly respect.
    To make this recipe successful, you must:

Step by step :

  • Empty the liter of white Charrette rum into the jar, wash the lemons and dry them, cut them into four quarters and put them in the jar of rum.
    lime rum
  • Then add the pieces of brown sugar, honey and cane sugar.
    Split the vanilla pods in half lengthways and add to your lime rum mix.
  • Close your jar and mix everything by moving it up and down to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
    Repeat this process for a week to dissolve the sugar and honey in your mixture.

Tip :

  • Let macerate for at least three weeks before tasting. Your rum will be better arranged !



Infos nutritionnelles
Recipe of rum arranged with lime.
Quantité par portion (100 gr)
Calories 292
* Les valeurs quotidiennes en pourcentage sont basées sur un régime de 2000 calories.
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In the series of rums arranged we will prepare today the recipe of lime rum.

Punch arranged with lime.

We have here a very well known arranged rum. A rum arranged tasty and powerful at the same time.

As often, the rum arranged is specific to the one who makes it.

Here again, Edith offers her homemade lemon rum recipe.

Do not confuse Daiquiri with lime punch.

Do not confuse lemon rum with daiquiri.

The preparation is not the same and the ingredients either.

In addition, the best is to let the aged rum grow old, it will be better.

Tasting lime punch.

Obviously, our rum recipe with lime is to be enjoyed with moderation of course and according to the desire.

You can accompany it with some appetizers as you wish :

  • tuna samosas
  • hot peppers

Lime can be tasted in different ways :

  • as an aperitif
  • or digestive.
  • Have you ever tried lemon rum ?
lime rum
lime rum

The recipe today is: Lemon arranged rum

Thus, here is the recipe Rhum arranged with lime, punch citrus acid, greenish, vigorous proposed by : Edith.

Feel free to use the comments to tell us what you think of this recipe.

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  3. In the meantime, see you soon for other culinary discoveries …

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